Keto diet: Benefits and nutrients

When people talk about this or that diet, the reason usually lies in the fact that a particular celebrity is promoting it, showing fantastic before and after photos. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with health and positive human body changes. There is nothing wrong with changing your eating habits to achieve impressive aesthetic goals. But why not just take advantage of specific nutrition programs? For example, the keto diet would be a perfect fit. It is a low-carb nutritional program that is high in fat and moderate in protein. Being on this diet, the body is forced to look for alternative fuel sources instead of carbohydrates. If glucose is not enough, the body will use ketones, which the liver produces, processing body fat.

The keto diet is relatively easy to follow if you can manage to live without bread, pasta, carrots, and potatoes. And unlike many other popular diets, it has much more benefits than just weight loss. Let’s see what the pros of this mainstream diet are.

Weight Loss on Keto

The keto diet uses your fat as an energy source, so weight loss benefits are quite visible. Insulin level is significantly reduced, and your body starts burning fat. Scientifically, this diet has performed better than the high carbohydrate diet. Many people include MCT oil in their diet by adding bulletproof coffee in the morning. It helps to increase the production of ketones and contributes to weight loss.

Sugar Control on a Keto Diet

The keto diet lowers blood sugar level by means of food allowed to eat. Experts prove that a ketogenic diet is the best method to treat and prevent diabetes than any other diet. If you have a dread-diabetic condition or suffer from diabetes, you should seriously consider a ketogenic diet. It will give a real chance to become healthier. Insulin resistance can lead to type II diabetes if left unchecked. Numerous studies show that a low-carb ketogenic diet can help people lower their insulin levels to a healthy range.

Mental Focus

Many people choose the keto diet if they need to improve mental performance. When your body exists on carbs, likely, your mind can get clouded and take you more time to think. Ketones serve as a great source of brain fuel. If you reduce the number of carbs in your nutrition and eat more fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich products, this makes your mind clear and improves your focus. Blood sugar spikes are also possible to avoid being on a keto. As a result, you will get an improved focus and concentration as well. Several studies have shown that increased intake of fatty acids positively affects brain functioning.

Increased Energy Level

When you prefer artificially flavored foods like snacks and sweet desserts, your body needs a huge amount of energy. Such processes damage all cell types. If you manage to get into the keto diet, you will get constant energy sources, which will be reliable and help you get a perfect shape. Unfortunately, the result is not visible from the very beginning. All beginners, who switch to a keto diet, pass a keto flu period, which is treated as an adjustment phase. When it is over, you will feel the energy increase at once.

Acne Treatment

If you are older than 20 and still suffer from skin inflammation, it means that you need to review the products you eat. Almost always, skin problems are caused by improper nutrition. For example, if you are fond of desserts, they come with a lot of sugar, which stimulates fat production. Too much fat clogs the pores. The keto diet is limited in sugar, so you will see a positive effect on your face and skin. You can forget about the problems of acne treatment.

Epilepsy Treatment

It may sound fantastic, but studies proved that the keto diet helps treat epilepsy. This diet reduces the amount of medication used and takes the disease under control. Today it is possible to notice that the ketogenic diet showed significant results. So, if you or your family members have epilepsy, it is high time to fight it and stick to a ketogenic diet.

Normalization of Blood Pressure

Keto diet helps increase the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol, commonly associated with arterial plaque. It means that low-carb and high-fat diets show significant HDL increases and decreases in LDL compared to low-fat diets. We all know that problems with blood pressure are often associated with overweight. So, the keto diet helps to lose weight and normalizes blood pressure at the same time.

Weak Sides and Risks of Keto Diet

When your body starts using fats as an energy source, it goes into ketosis and undergoes some metabolic changes. However, many of them present unpleasant risks. The ketogenic diet is safe for healthy people, but various side effects can occur as the body adapts to a low-carb intake. Take a look at some of the more common threats a ketogenic diet can cause.

1. Decrease in Muscle Mass

Carbohydrates are essential for building muscles as they are partially converted to glycogen, which builds up in muscles and helps them grow and repair. When your body goes into ketosis, the body begins to lose stored carbohydrates from your muscles, thereby reducing muscle mass.

Simultaneously, if you stop following the ketogenic diet, it may take a while for your body to build muscle again. It is so because the body consumed a large amount of fat, and it is the fact that the body must get rid of it before using carbohydrates for muscle growth. These changes can also lead to differences in metabolic rate.

2. Bad Breath

A common side effect of ketosis is bad breath, which occurs when ketones are released from the body through the breath and urine. If you are on a keto diet, you may notice that your breath smells like something sweet. The side effects last as long as your body is in ketosis and cannot be eliminated naturally. You can soften them by using sugar-free gum, which is not prohibited.

3. Lack of Vitamins and Minerals

On a keto diet, you should not eat certain fruits and vegetables. They contain many vitamins and minerals, low intake of which can have several side effects. Your body starts releasing carbohydrates, water, and glycogen, and you also lose sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

A sudden decrease in carbohydrate intake, which also contains many vitamins and minerals, can decrease energy levels. Some people on the keto diet claimed to feel tired and confused.

4. Constipation

As we mentioned earlier, on a strict low-carb diet, your intake of fruits and vegetables is very limited. However, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, promoting gut motility and essential for healthy intestinal flora. If the body is low in fiber, it suffers from constipation.

Who Needs a Keto Diet?

From a short-term perspective, the keto diet is an effective way to lose a few pounds. Basically, like any other diet, this one works on a calorie deficit principle. Therefore, it should be assumed that in the first weeks of the diet, water will be released from the body, so as soon as you finish the keto diet, the kilograms will return again.

If you are looking for fast, short-term weight loss, ketogenic nutrition is what you need. Suppose you have metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, or epilepsy. In that case, ketogenic diet treatment may be effective for you, but you must closely adhere to your diet under an experienced doctor’s supervision.

If you are serious about losing weight in the long term, the ketogenic diet is not the right choice for you. It is also contraindicated in pregnant or nursing mothers or women with irregular menstrual cycles. The keto diet is also not recommended for active athletes, as it can lead to muscle loss.