Kegenix Prime Review

kegenix prime

What is Kegenix Prime?

Kegenix Prime is among several health supplements on the market today that are meant to improve your ketogenic lifestyle and to produce or increase the benefits you experience from the low carb diet. This product is the creation of the physician who has been looking for ways to produce the results of ketosis regardless of the fact of whether or not a person was following the keto diet regime. It should sound familiar because that’s precisely what MCT oil is designed to do quite effectively already.

As a matter of fact, Kegenix Prime does lean heavily on MCT oil within its formula. That is why some reviewers dismiss the supplement as just MCT powder under a different name. Is there any grounding to the promo claims that this item is more than just MCT powder repackaged? Let’s find out.

Kegenix Prime Benefits and Results

The motivation for the creation of this particular supplement is not hard to comprehend because the system’s transition from using carbohydrates for energy to utilizing fats isn’t always the easiest on the body. Occasionally it might be coupled with some annoying adverse effects such as the ‘keto flu’ and general exhaustion. Kegenix Prime is supposed to ease the transition or to offer some limited ketosis-like advantages for individuals who do not want to go all-in on the low-carb way of living. But as was mentioned, MCT goods are already known to do the same thing.

So, what are the actual benefits of Kegenix Prime supplement that make it worth buying?

  • Improved productivity of the cognitive function.
  • An essential energy boost for people on the keto diet plan who would like to participate in muscle building.
  • An essential energy boost for people affected by the keto flu.
  • The ability to reduce weight and preserve muscles.
  • The ability to assist with curbing the appetite and lowering food cravings.

If these advantages sound formidable, it’s because that’s exactly what they are. The supplement functions as marketed and ought to typically generate most or all of the marketed advantages. But the truth is that so will MCT oil and other MCT powders that are meant to be combined with coffee, and so on. The thing our team was seeking/wishing for was some previously untapped advantage that will make Kegenix Prime different from the rest, and we didn’t find it.

Kegenix Prime Ingredients

The components found in Kegenix prime are meant like we mentioned to provide your system with the ability to create a smoother changeover to ketosis or give short-term ketosis-like effect to exercise or simply experience an increase in energy to begin the day.

These components are:

  • Beta-hydroxybutyric acid – BHA assists all those struggling with reduced blood sugar to acquire much needed additional energy.
  • Medium-chain triglyceridesAs stated above Kegenix Prime benefits are in essence exactly like those of MCT oils, so it is no wonder that the main component within it is definitely medium-chain triglycerides, also referred to as MCTs.
  • Isoleucine – Isoleucine is acknowledged for being able to control blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it plays a part in the synthesis of proteins.
  • Lysine – Lysine increases the speed of fat burning by changing it into the amino acid composite carnitine.
  • Erythritol and Rebaudioside – These are artificial low calory sweeteners that are placed here to improve the taste.
  • Leucine – Leucine is among the crucial amino acids that need to be ingested considering that the system is not going to produce it. It is well-known for its ability to create lean muscles plus the ability to control blood cholesterol levels.

Also, the supplement consists of a number of other elements meant to help in its effectiveness. Such ingredients like maltodextrin, disodium phosphate, malic acid, and silicon dioxide are included.

Side Effects from Kegenix Prime?

The main adverse reaction that is frequently mentioned in relation to Kegenix Prime is pressure as well as a general sense of unease. Other feasible adverse reactions include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Daze
  • Muddiness
  • Elevated heartbeat
  • Muscle spasm

These side effects are not automatically a dealbreaker on their own and to be certain not all people experience them at all. In case you suffer from 2 or more at the same time you should reevaluate your choice to work with Kegenix Prime.

The Bottom Line: Kegenix Prime Pros and Cons

So does the supplement work as presented? Yes, it does. It provides you with the same results it claims it is going to give, which is in essence exactly what MCT products do. This is why it’s difficult to recommend you to buy Kegenix Prime if you already own MCT powders/oils at home due to the fact that the results will be mostly the same. In addition to that, the supplement fails in the taste department which is another reason why we are unable to give Kegenix Prime our full approval.
It is hard to comprehend how the creator could have decided that the taste of this supplement was market-ready because, honestly, it’s not. For us to recommend the product to you we’d want to see some improvement in this area, though there may be people out there for whom the taste is not a big deal.