Is Spam Keto-friendly

is spam keto friendly

Is Spam suited for keto? The Ultimate Guide to a Tasteful Ketogenic Diet                                         

Spam has been much debated among people, especially when related to a ketogenic diet. People often think since it’s meat, it can be harmful to your keto. People with this misconception are not to be blamed for this wrong assumption. It should be noted that Spam is not only healthy, but it is also keto-friendly. What this means is that you can take Spam when on a ketogenic diet without it affecting it in any way. However, before you start consuming Spam because of this good news, we have made a compilation. It will better your knowledge and also answer your question about spam-keto.                

Can You Eat Spam On Keto? Is it keto-friendly?

Keto refers to the metabolism during carbohydrates restrictions, nothing more. In other words, if you are still eating within your range, you are still in keto. So, is spam keto-friendly? Yes! Spam has an accumulative total of 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving and 6 grams for the whole can. You should, however, check the nutritional value if purchasing different flavors to know if the carbs still within your range intake. 

What are saturated fats?                           

It is a variation of fat that has all bonds or a major concentration of single bonds. They are often found in animal fats, especially dairy products and high-fat meat as well as processed food. One distinctive feature of saturated fat it becomes solid under room temperature.

What foods contain saturated fats?                     

Saturated fats can be found in high-fat dairy foods such as cheese, whole milk, ice-cream, butter, and sour cream. Not just this, the dark chicken meat and poultry skin are also known to contain this form of fat. And lastly, fat cuts from beef, lamb, and pork have a high concentration of saturated fats. 

What Is Spam Made Of?                                           

Although this varies from flavor to flavor, the main ingredients spam is made of are pork with ham. It is usually pork cut from any of the five main sections, that is, shoulder, loin, side, picnic shoulder, and leg 1. Modified potato starch which is used as fillers; this form of potato starch is merely a scratch-made from potato. It contains salt, which is important in a keto diet as it helps with hydration, a small amount of sugar, and a preservative called sodium nitrates.

Spam Classic Ingredients                                       

There are five major ingredients contained in Spam Classic spam, and they are ham, pork, sugar, salt, modified potato starch. Although some of these ingredients are substituted in other flavors or types. 

What Are Some Good Ways To Eat Spam          

One beauty of Spam is its diverse creative ways of eating it. It makes a good fast meal and can also be elaborately prepared. However, if you are hoping to get some classy keto spam recipes, here are a few to start you up. 

One Ingredient Spam Fries                       

As the name implies, this is a one-ingredient meal. The Spam is sliced into sticks and then baked till it turns golden. This meal is one of the easiest yet delicious way of eating Spam.

Hawaiian Garlic Spam Music In A Bowl

It is a mixture of Hawaiian delicacy of two blocks of rice, having a seasoned teriyaki flavor uncooked slice of Spam on it while been held together by seaweed. 

Thai Spam Lettuce Cups              

This classy delicacy is made by having your ginger root and garlic sauté in oil for about two minutes before adding Spam to it and placing it on the skillet for another four minutes. Mix in your sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, and lime juice and allow to sauté for 30 seconds. When this is done, you can serve by adding the result over salad greens. 

How many different Spam are there & are they keto?                                       

With over 21 types, Spam has a wide variety of flavors that give a distinctive taste and also aid in making keto spam recipes. Here are the breakdowns of these types.

Spam Classic

It is the first type of Spam ever to be made. It is made from delicious juicy ham with great texture. This type of ham can be eaten at any time of the day in a limitless number of ways.                

Pumpkin Spice Spam

This variation of classic Spam is given an additional blend of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. It is a very much healthier meal that can be taken with breakfast. Although being a Limited Edition, it sure has a great taste. 

Spam Lite           

This type has a 33% decrease in calories, a 25% decrease in sodium, and a 50% decrease in fat. But what the Spam Lite lacks it makes up for in flavor. It allows it to retain its nice juicy taste, and with this type, you get to eat it more often without breaking your diet. 

Spam Less Sodium         

It tastes very much like the spam classic with its amazing texture. Only that it helps cut back on your sodium intake by 25%. Even with the reduced-sodium, this type still has a very delicious taste. 

Spam Bacon

It is a fusion of your Spam with bacon. It gives a taste of these two scrumptious meat in a can allowing you to satisfy your pork with ham and bacon cravings in just one meal.

Spam Oven Roasted Turkey

Using 100% white lean turkey as a substitute to pork, but remain a nice texture. It is a keto-friendly Spam that is not only very tasty but also is versatile when it comes to how to eat it.  

Spam Hickory Smoke

The Spam Hickory Smoke gives a sensation of eating at the camp by the fire without actually being there. The delicious taste of Spam is giving a very obvious hickory smoke.                                 

Spam Hot & Spicy           

In making this, the pork used for Spam was replaced by hot peppers giving it a spicy taste. The taste of Spam is still very much pronounced in this type only that it comes in a hotter and spicier way for your enjoyment.         

Spam Jalapeno

It hints to the Mexican with the inclusion of jalapeno peppers. With this, the Spam jalapeno gives a distinct pleasing and spicy sensation that no other Spam combination can give.        

Spam Teriyaki  

It is most suited for musubi as the Spam Teriyaki gives it an amazing, yummy bold taste. The spam Teriyaki can also use made into different ways that will still project it’s a delicious taste.       

Spam Black Pepper

A perfect seasoning for meals, any recipes. It is basically for pepper lovers as it gives meal scrumptious and bud-wetting taste when used. 

Spam Chorizo

Chorizo flavor is common to sausages. However, it has been fused into Spam to make its spam Chorizo with added ingredients. They are mechanically separated chicken, chili powder, Oleoresin of Paprika, and some other ingredients to give a superior taste. 

Spam with Portuguese Sausage Seasoning

Portuguese sausage seasoning is added to Spam to give a taste that borders around meaty and juicy ham as well as delicious sausage.

Spam Tocino

Although it’s Limited Edition, this Filipino flavor gives mouthwatering taste to your bud with its meat and other delicious ingredients. It gives your omelets, stir-fries, fried rice a very delicious taste. It is perfect for anyone looking to have a taste of Filipinos’ cuisine. Because of its high sodium, it’s not advised to be taken regularly.     

Spam Garlic       

This type of Spam is made with garlic included to better its taste. It can be used to enhance any recipes that touch of meat and garlic in them in just one mix.                         

Spam with Cheese        

From it’s a sweet aroma to how it melts to give a creamy touch to your meal, the Spam cheese makes a suited addition for your recipes that need a boost in flavor. It gives your omelet as well as grilled sandwiches a much-desired taste. 

Spam Mezclita 

Made with the Puerto Ricans at heart is made from spiced pork and cheese spread. It gives a perfectly juicy and delicious taste to your bread and can also be used as sandwich fillings.  

Spam Single Classic        

This type is Spam classic made into a single serving pack. The single Spam classic cut the trouble of leftovers as it’s suited for just on a person either as a snack or in a sandwich.       

Spam Single Lite             

This low-fat type of variant of Spam passes as a snack and can also be put inside salad or sandwich. It’s made in a portable and light pack size, which makes it easier to hold and carry about. 

Spam Classic 7 Oz

With enough for just two servings, the Spam Classic 7 Oz is taken from the spam classic and made into a smaller fun size. It’s usually a preferred option for adding a small but significant taste to a meal                     

Spam Spread

It is the Spam classic made into a spreadable form. It allows you to have an additional superior yummy taste to your appetizers, crackers, and other snacks.                                

Where Can You Buy Spam?      

Although Spam is being sold at most local grocery stores or supermarkets, some varieties are not easy to come by. However, these varieties can be purchased at some designated stores. Also, it can be bought online.                                                                             

Are all types of Spam keto-friendly? 

No. While Spam is keto-friendly, not all types are. This reason for this is the different ingredients used in making such flavors, thereby giving it additional carbohydrates.

What types of Spam are keto-friendly?

18 types of Spam are keto-friendly meaning they do not have more than 2 grams of carbohydrates and they are; Spam Classic, Spam Single Classic, Spam Single Lite, Spam Bacon, Spam with Cheese, Spam Less Sodium, Spam Lite, Spam Hickory Smoke, Spam Mezclita, Spam Oven Roasted, Turkey Spam Jalapeno, Spam Black Pepper, Spam Garlic, Spam Classic 7 Oz, Spam Hot & Spicy, Spam with Portuguese Sausage Seasoning, Spam Spread and Spam Chorizo

What types of Spam are NOT keto-friendly?

The three types of Spam that are mot so keto-friendly are; Spam Tocino, Spam Teriyaki, and Pumpkin Spice Spam

Is Spam unhealthy for you?      

Spam, to stay edible for a longer period, has sodium nitrate included in its ingredients like preservatives. One common fear of sodium nitrate, according to research, is that too much intake can increase the chance of heart diseases and some forms of cancer 2. Although on the other hand, intake of inorganic nitrates as dietary supplements can bring about the reduction of blood pressure 3. With the perks and downside of sodium nitrates, it’s advised not to have too much intake of Spam.                                                             

Random Facts about Spam                      

Did you know there is a spam museum?

You heard it right! There is a museum specially made for Spam situated in Austin, Minnesota. It has all the varieties and interesting collections of Spam.                                              

Spam is also considered the national food of Hawaii (not really, but kind of)    

Often called the Hawaiian steak. Spam can be found at any fast food restaurant while visiting Hawaii. Also, they have a special celebration specifically for Spam called the Annual Spam Jam.                  

Spam is a shortened version of spiced ham.

Here is another fun fact. The word Spam was made from the fusion of spice and ham. It makes a good snack as it can be eaten out of the can, pan-fry without much stress, and even stored since it’s non-perishable. 

What are some alternatives to Spam?

To be factual, Spam is Spam, it has undergone many stages to make it the healthy non-perishable food we have now. However, if you are looking for an alternative, you can try getting dried/cured meat, meat jerky, and Vienna Sausage. It’s should also be noted that these alternatives might not be as keto-friendly as Spam.


With Spam, your keto journey can turn out to be fun, appealing, and pleasing to your mouth as it gives a variety of mouthwatering taste to you. Although, to everything you eat, you must be modest about it as too much Spam can be counteractive.