Guide to the Best MCT Oil For Keto for 2020

best mct oil

It is best to take MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in liquid form, in which they are known as MCT Oil. In order to facilitate swallowing, it is combined with natural flavors. Initially, MCT Oil may be too heavy for the stomach, sometimes causing cramping and upset. Therefore, it is advisable to take it with food, not on an empty stomach. This will improve its absorption and help to avoid possible digestive disorders. If you want, you can even add MCT Oil directly to your food, providing optimal assimilation.

Benefits of MCT Oil and MCT Supplements

Saturated fats along with MCTs are very helpful: they protect your body from high risks that low-fat diets provide and protect you from parasites and different viruses, as well as harmful bacteria.

Besides, MCTs have amazing antioxidant effects, this is practically the reason why coconut oil has been so popular in all types of medicine for many centuries with its inflammatory effects.

They are famous for such effects:

  • They help you with healthy weight because they suppress the feeling of hunger
  • Boost your metabolism so that your body wouldn’t store fats
  • Provide much more energy
  • Improve your digestion
  • Keep the balance of your hormones
  • Balance your mood
  • Clear thinking
  • Kill the viruses or infections

Promotes Weight Loss in Several ways

If you compare MCT oils with other fats, you will notice their significant effects in terms of reduction of weight.

If you start using it in your diet, the best MCT oil will allow you to feel full and even improve your body’s metabolism.

Is it proving that if you start consuming rather big amounts of MCT every day, this will help achieve the desired weight loss? Not exactly. Not all health studies conducted have proven that MCT has an impact on that. However, many of them have revealed many benefits of MCT when it comes to metabolism.

Some of them show that MCTs can work well with fat deposits because they can improve fat oxidation and thermogenesis in humans, as well as in animals.

This means, they are helpful when it comes to producing ketones in your body, so the effects of taking MCT is similar to those in the ketogenic diet, with the crucial difference that you don’t have to keep the low level of carbohydrates.

By the way, MCTs are called great ketogenic fats by some people because they provide an incredible healing effect and may produce lots of energy quickly.

Instant Source of Energy

MCTs increase energy potential and improve mood. This makes it possible to avoid compulsive overeating on nervous grounds or simply from boredom. And also allows you to move more, and, therefore, burn more calories during the day.

Can Be Used to Fuel Your Brain

The fatty acids are the basis of your brain composition.

So it’s obvious that you have to stick to the right diet to stay in the mood, to have clear thinking, bring good marks from school, be effective when it comes to work, and to stay active as long as possible.

Medium-chain fatty acids are always digested easily and can protect your body from lots of things.

There’s no doubt that things that can keep on feeding your brain or absorbing minerals and vitamins in a better way, will help you feel very energetic, extremely positive and lucid, of course.

Your bowel health also depends on MCT oil, not only your brain, there is a well-known connection between the intestine and the brain.

Reduce Lactate Buildup

The accumulation of La in the body during training and competitive activity is one of the main factors limiting the increase in the working capacity and effectiveness of sports achievements (especially in cyclic sports). The accumulation of La, the excess of the body’s ability to utilize it and, consequently, the pH shift of the internal environment (“acidification”) occurs with the glycolytic mechanism of energy supply associated with the breakdown of carbohydrates to La.

Help Use Fat for Energy

These Fats along with coconut oil have positive effects on the environment of gut microbiota bacteria, which has benefits when it comes to digestive and energy symptoms, as well as vitamins absorbing ability.

MCT may kill a great number of strains, viruses or bacteria that are the reasons you have problems with digestion, some of them are diarrhea or constipation, food poisoning, candida, stomach upset, etc.

When you stick to a diet containing a lot of whole foods but do not consume enough healthy fats, your body can not use these nutrients.

MCTs are some kind of antibiotics that are naturally created, they are balancing the gut bacteria. These days we are all resistant to antibiotics, so it is crucial to have new and generally available ways to kill harmful bacteria.

MCTs can kill some of the fast, like, for example, staphylococcus that can be the reason for food poisoning; streptococcus that can cause many things from pneumonia to strep throat; gonorrhea and meningitis are both caused by Neisseria.

May Reduce Risk Factors for Heart

MCTs seem to be able to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and overall mortality by helping to reduce the risk of becoming obese.

Most likely, they have this positive effect because they are anti-inflammatory, easy to digest, satisfactory and easy to use for energy, as described above.

Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

Medium-chain triglycerides are much easier to absorb than long-chain triglycerides, and this property is useful in the case of fat absorption disorder.

They are soluble in aqueous media, resulting in accelerated hydrolysis, from the action of pancreatic lipase. They can, therefore, penetrate directly into the blood to go to the liver through the portal vein.

Long-chain triglycerides undergo much longer absorption: they must first be solubilized in the center of micelles formed by bile salts, and are absorbed lymphatically in the form of chylomicrons. They then join the bloodstream at the level of the thoracic duct.

Another advantage is that hepatic cholesterol synthesis is reduced by MCTs, as well as hepatic glucose release and peripheral uptake.

MCT Oil Side Effects

First of all, storage conditions must be observed, which are the same for the best MCT oils as for any other oils, that is, do not freeze, store in sealed packaging and do not use after the expiration date. Provided that they are properly stored and used in accordance with the recommended doses, these products do not have contraindications.

However, with individual intolerance, at a high dosage, there may be side effects from the gastrointestinal tract.

Quality MCT analogs are well tolerated. If you eat too many of them, nausea, discomfort in the digestive tract and diarrhea can occur. Such side effects are common to all fats. Can you take medium-chain triglycerides during pregnancy? The question is not fully understood. If you are already expecting a baby, the menu has settled, and your health is normal, it is best to avoid novelty in the diet. Postpone the intake of super fats for the period after childbirth. Terms of use and where to buy Quality or best MCT oil does not have any specific taste and smell. It can immediately be added from a can to any food and drink. It is important to remember that the transition to TSC requires a change in the whole diet. If you just add a novelty to the menu, the total amount of calories consumed will increase, and there will be no talk of any weight loss. Moreover! Such attempts to lose weight, relying only on unique fats, can turn into his set.


The benefits of MCT oil that have been proven by science include heart health protection, rapid weight loss, weight maintenance, good mood, a good level of energy, amazing digestion and many more.

You can find the best MCT oil for weight loss in some organic grocery stores or online.

Mixtures with medium-chain triglycerides are not a miracle pill!

And this is important to understand!

These substances help to lose weight. Make staying on an effective low-carb diet easier and more enjoyable.

But they do not give the opportunity to lose weight, just swallowing the capsule and not changing anything either in the diet or in the lifestyle.