Guide To The Best Exogenous Ketones for 2020

best exogenous ketones

Ketone bodies have a wide variety of functions in the body. They play a significant role, especially in a fasting individual. Many processes are involved in their production; it can be in the body or taken from an external source. Because there are differences between “balanced diet and adequate diet,” sometimes the need to get ketones externally becomes essential.

In this article, we will inform you about all you need to know about the best exogenous ketones and the pros and cons of consuming them.

What Are Exogenous Ketone Supplements?

The word exogenous implies that it is gotten externally. This becomes necessary when one eats what does not provide enough ketone to their body. These supplements are somewhat a form of bet-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) that the body produces normally.

The idea behind this very action is to increase your blood level of ketone bodies, sometimes irrespective of your pattern of diet. It must be noted that the effect will sometimes, but it will surely result in the targeted aim.

Typically, exogenous ketones are in the form of a salt powder package. Though it can also be in the form of an ester, it is rare. The ester form is the purest form of ketones available for consumption. They act very fast compared to the salts, usually 10 to 15 minutes, but they are more expensive. They are also hard to find in addition to their revolting taste. Some people also use human-made fat to put the body in ketosis.

Keto Salts Versus Keto Esters

Some striking differences are worthy of mention regarding these two critical exogenous substances. Many people that know about the ketone supplements have no idea regarding the similarities and differences between the salt and the ester. Don’t worry; we will equip you with enough knowledge of their differences.

Ketone Salt

This consists of minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium that are bond to beta-hydroxybutyrate forming salt. Many ketone salt products are also fortified with other substances such as carbohydrates, caffeine, or some selected amino acids. The primary aim of the fortification is to give specific taste and lots of functions. Studies have elucidated that ketone supplements with beta-hydroxybutyrate in children that have neurological deficits will improve their mental function.

Ketone Esters

In contrast, ketone esters are liquids that are bonded to ketone precursors chemically. It is made by taking two molecules of ketone and a molecule of ester. When broken down, the released ester form another ketone in the liver. Bete-hydroxybutyrate or acetoacetate is the ketone body that is present in the ester.

Benefits Of Exogenous Ketone Supplement

Many must have been thinking of the benefits one can derive from exogenous ketone bodies. We are right there! All that is necessary for you will be unfolding here. Though the metabolic boost between the exogenous and the endogenous ketone is probably not the same, lots can be derived from the exogenous as well.

As fast as in 20 to 30 minutes, some exogenous ketone bodies will cause a rise in your blood glucose level. This single act makes them the right choice for those that want a short term effect. They do not need a long period of fasting or intermittent change in diet. Once on the supplement, you can assure an effect that is fast and ideal.

Using best exogenous ketones can also help produce ketone bodies when the liver has not produced them from energy. This particular effect is of great health implication since the brain when deprived of energy for 4 to 5 minutes, will lead to irreparable damage.

As for those that are already in ketone diet, exogenous supplements can immensely help in elevating your level of ketone bodies, especially during fasting.

Potential Problems And Side Effects Of Exogenous Ketone Bodies

Yes! We all know that everything exists in two paired words, “pros and cons” as a result, care must be taken. One of the most neglected side effects of ketone bodies supplement is on those that are on a carbohydrate-high diet. Carbohydrate-rich diet and ketone bodies cannot go simultaneously. It leads to serious gastrointestinal disorders, and this will cost your wallet.

Those also that have issues with their blood sugar level are also at high risk, if involved in ketone body supplement. They should probably consult their physician for advice, but generally, they should stay off.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do exogenous ketone bodies do?

As has been mentioned, they are the source of energy in a starved or fasting individual. They provide energy when carbohydrate is in short supply.

  • What is the best time to take exogenous ketone?

The best time is in the morning on an empty stomach though some other times do not lead to any adverse effect.

  • Can I take exogenous ketones before bed?

Though there are no dangers of taking them before bed, the best result is when you take them early morning on an empty stomach.

  • Is exogenous ketone supplement safe?

Yes! They are safe, just that you have to use them with precautions, as mentioned already.

  • Are there dangers to using exogenous ketone bodies?

When used appropriately, there is no reasonable danger.


Exogenous ketone body supplements are by far a beautiful way of bridging the gap between low and high carbohydrate diets. Once on a low carbohydrate diet, the next thing to do is prepare an adequate exogenous ketone body to supplement. They will serve as a source through which you will get additional energy for brain function.

However, one must be informed that exogenous supplement is not a substitute for poor diet or inactivity. It is required in addition to physical exercise as well as an adequate diet.

Make sure you read the ingredients carefully when choosing an exogenous ketone diet. This is to ensure that you select the brand that will give the result that you want.

Also, worthy of mention is the group you should choose from. Since there are two forms of it, it is either the ester form or the salt form. Know the pros and cons of using any one of them as provided previously.